Health Consulting & Training

Training & Development

Zhavia provide expertise in implementation of renowned health care standards such as ISO 9001 standards for Quality Management System, Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation specific standards for health care systems, nursing policies, protocols and manuals, Our team of experts doesn’t only assist in preparing standardized policies or procedures but also provides essentials and specially develop training programs according to the needs.

Public Health

Zhavia has vast experience and true expertise in public health consultancy to run any public or private projects in the community, along with NGO and corporate sides of public health which allow the inculcity of male and female in their personal and professional norms of life.

Values Clarification and Attitude Transformation (VCAT)

Values and attitudes toward abortion and consider the consequences when safe abortion services are not available to women, Dr Sikander Sohani Public Health expert is with us to effectively deliver the VCAT modules to encourage and train health care providers and policymakers.


The worst economic problem is on disability, our expert team will develop the policies or training and therapy program to restoring someone to health or normal life. Zhavia experts will develop such strategies for these people through implementation phase and developing training program to train trainer

Maternal and Child Health

Pregnancy provides an opportunity to identify existing health risks in women and to prevent future health problems for women and their children. These health risks may include hypertension and heart disease, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Zhavia experts will based the thoughts of decreasing morbidity and mortality rate utilizing different strategies will reduce the graph through publishing standardized protocol to prevent and promote the women and child

Geriatric Health

The field of Geriatrics is a medical specialty which covers the holistic care of elderly population. It acts as health promotion model which entails disease prevention, treatment, and taking care of elderly people with multiple medical conditions and disabilities.

Zhavia aims to promote healthy, independent individuals to improve quality of life of older adults. We provide comprehensive care to elderly who live with multifaceted complexities and ageing conditions. We have team of geriatrics expertise.

Family Planning

Reproductive health is an important aspect of human being. To deal with reproductive and gynaecological health, well and disease, Zhavia team provides highly effective and quality training and development in public and communities. It gives the education on umbrella of family planning choices, counselling, decision making and improve the women and family health to the optimum level, moreover, family planning includes antenatal, post-partum care and child health

Sexual and Reproduction Rights

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) are an important pillar of the human rights framework, Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world where the sexual and reproductive health and right concerns of the population, particularly the youth, remain unaddressed. Zhavia will be providing platform to be desensitized and allow to integrated knowledge into experience. It will also deal with ECD child where the understanding of good, bad and secret touch along with identified parts of body, puberty and adolescent health of male and female, transgender acceptance and SRHR role and relation for the teachers, guardian, health care provider, grandparent and parents.

Early Childhood Development

For every child early moments matter, early years (0 to 8 years) are the most important period of growth and development in a child’s life, Over 200 million children do not reach their developmental potential in the first 5 years of life because they live in poverty, and have poor health services, nutrition and psychosocial care. ECD is a most important area to work for Zhavia.

Breast Cancer Awareness Zhavia aims to highlight the importance of attending breast screenings in detecting breast cancer as early as possible and increasing the chances of successfully managing and treating the disease. Zhavia will provide an effort to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of breast cancer through education on symptoms and treatment.